torsdag, juni 11, 2009


Hmm, what can I say? Alot of things has happend lately like 2 confirmations, one wedding and some birthdays. (like mine) I am looking forward to have a whole weekend free! Well, free is not really the right word because I have things to be done at home and stuff like working some in the woods or something. :)I know I am going to read more in "The Game", it is truely a good book, thanks Sanna and Psht! (I got it for my birthday)

I thought I should say something about a different book I got, it`s like "101 things not everyone should learn" and it is kind of funny because you actually learn some stuff from it like making crop-sircles and stuff. :)

I have been thinking about a guy I met in Brazil, he is amazing. His name is Jonas and it was cool to see God work through him in the chapel when we had meetings there. This is the special with it. He is curiouse and he want to help to do stuff, the only thing he can say is bibi, so we called him Bibi. He wanted to pray and the people let him do it and it was strong and kind of special. So I am thinking that God can work through anyone, even those you don`t really think it was possible. They give the most suprises... :)

Don`t know if any of this made any sense, but this is the thing I have to say...

torsdag, mars 12, 2009

Just another update.

It`s been awhile since last time I updated this blog, so I figured this is the right time to do it. :)

I was at a concert with Opeth yesterday @ samfundet and it was great! It was the first time I saw them live and hopefully not the last time.

I am one big step closer to get two new tooths :D Just wait and see!

All I can say is that things will happen sooner or later so just wait and see. :)

mandag, januar 05, 2009

The year was 2009.

It`s time for a update again, the first post in 09...I am going to start this of with saying Happy newyear to all of you!

As I was reading the paper to day I found the comics, they are normally the first thing I check before readig the rest. There was this stripe of the comic Pondus and I think it good because I could see myself in it in some way.

It`s not always that easy as in this comic. Have you ever felt the same way as Jokke in the comic? Its kind of funny, but in the same time not.

This piece needs some music and that is a song by Kanye West, Bittersweet.

mandag, oktober 13, 2008

Two teeths pt 2.

Yeah, the second part is over, the operation went ok and I hope that I wont need a new one. What I don`t need is a new infection.

I finally got skype, yeah I may be late, but its good!

I have found out that I am a christmas person, I really like to play/sing christmas songs, they are special to me in a way, can`t explain.

This is my favorite song by Kaizers O, now you know. The song is called "Ditt skift". :D

søndag, september 14, 2008

Bergen and back.

This is a picture of Bergen, I took the "fløibanen" up to get a view of the city, really nice and there was a lot of tourist there, but what do you expect?

I had a great trip to Bergen and back, the weather was good witch is good if you don`t want to get seasick. It was a long trip, but there was so much to see and eat and drink. There was two bars on the ship, one with live "music" and the other one was more relaxed, I was in both. :)

I got a good story from one visit in the bar with music. There was a guy that played guitar and sang and there was a lot of people there, happy people who had been drinking some. Anyway, this guy with the guitar asked if there was some Trøndere here and I said yeah and so he began to play "Nideleven så stille å vakker du er" to us and he came right to me and we sang it together and then he gave me a hi5 for the singing. :D

In the bars, I had some drinks, one drink I never had before. It was the Margarita and of course if you know me I had White Russian also. Thanks to Kaizers and the song "min kvite russer" witch happens to be a white russian.

If you want to know more about the trip, just ask.

Have a good one!

fredag, august 29, 2008

New things

Yeah, it`s been a while since last time and I feel that I should update you on some of the stuff that is going to happen in the near future.

There have been some changes in the Hurtigruta trip, we are have totally changed direction and we are going to bergen and back. It`s going to be great! I have to remember to bring my camera cause theres alot of nice things to take picture of.

This reminds me to talk a little about my new "hobby", I don`t even know if I can call it hobby, but anyway. I have started to take some pictures, but my camera is pretty old and I should get a new one. ;) There is this page called DeviantArt, I have put out some pics there, more will come as soon as I take them.

Last I just want to thank the people who arr. the concert in PK, Thanks! You are great! Thanks for letting me play. :)

lørdag, august 09, 2008

The summer of 08.

Yeah, the summer is soon over for this time and it has been a good one! I have been to some conserts, been on "my" cabin, been swimming alot and walked in the mountains. What more can I say?

I don`t know what to`s just great.